Friday, March 21, 2008

Am I HoT or not...

Now there is a question that each and every Resto Durid has to decide... and ultimately it comes down to your preferences and play styles. How are you going to heal? Direct or Heal over Time? I personally favor the HoTs because of my play style. This is especially true when I use the HealBot addon. I swear by that addon with my (WoW) life. The combo of healbot and HoT for me has seed to work out really nice in the 5 mans that I have been able to run. But what may work for one may not for another... that is the beauty of the game. You can customize your toon based on the talents that you take, and you may be more successful than me. Comes down to this: How well do you play "your" game? If you copy and have the "most successful" build for a toon, but in turn suck at playing, it is all to no avail. However, if you do your own thing, and rock out with the sock it, then kudos to you!

mmmmm... kudos

Of course you are free to try other successful builds. I personally recommend this at first because 50 gold, ever other day to respec can get old quick. Whatever you choose to do, learn it and put it to good use, even when you are playing with complete a$$hats that don't understand your game.

A perfect example is a pug I ran awhile back. I caught the "LFM need healer and DPS for BF" call and was in my feral gear. Now I do have some feral points (easier to level that way) but I have a butt kicking healing set and plenty of talent (points and play) to heal that instance easily, as I had down a few times before. Anyways, I answer the call and say "hey I can fly to Shat change gear and heal for you." and the d-bag sends back "NO... you can DPS but I only want a priest healer" WHAT... are you effing kidding me. I am trying to fill need you have and you basically say I'm not good enough. That right there should have been a tip off of how the run would go, but I relented and agreed to go kitty on their ace!

We end up finding a priest to heal so I think "no big deal" and off we go to start the run. We wipe before hitting the stairs! The r-tard that formed the group (yep guy I talked to) couldn't tank to save his life. Why you may ask... cause he was a full Fury warrior, and a bad one at that. Great, I offer to switch to bear form to help control better, and immediately got shot down. "No, you stay DPS, we got this." Wonderful! The run continues and we have about the same success. I end up dying more than 10 times. Each time the healer has another excuse... you know, the same ones I use so I know they are bunk! "Oh, you died right before my heal went off on you" "Oh, LOS broke" (the last one said in an open hall...right!) So I want to see what such a marvelous healer looks like and inspect him. WTF!!!! They decided that it would be better that a full shadow priest heal than a resto druid. Are you freaking kidding me? At that point (after our second wipe on the floating eye guy) I decided that this was no longer worth the time I was putting into it and jetted from the group to repair my now red gear. 5 gold to repair my leather armor and weapon... are you effing kidding me again. Jeez.. pugging can really suck some times!!! But what can you do, you live and learn!

All that rant to say “Am I HoT?” You bet your sweet a$$ I am!!! And I can't wait to prove it again!

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Oh, I know just how hot you are, big boy!!!! ;)