Friday, March 21, 2008


Not to be confused with those darn over priced, "custom" teddy bears. Don't even get me started with those! But if only building a guild was as easy as stuffing a bear form full of cotton... oh that would be the life.

I am by far no expert on all things WoW, but I have been reading a couple of recent posts from Big Butt Bear... check um out here and here... good stuff. He talks about being the guild looking for someone and being someone looking for a guild. That got me thinking about a lot of things in the game that I am coming across now. A while back I got invited to sign a charter and ended up sticking around in the fledgling guild. The GM was really cool and wanted to just grow the guild the old fashion way... find anyone without a guild and whisper then to see if they wanted to join. We never have done the old fashion /2 trade message "New Guild looking for players, have guild bank and tabard" because of two main reasons: It really never works and it annoys the heck out of me when others do it.

We started with a small group of people and went from there. We didn't have anyone higher than level 61 (and I was the 61...yikes) and most were under level 20. But we pressed forward inviting our little hearts out. During this time was when I was leveling my mining and all my proceeds I put towards the guild bank and eventually we got enough for a second tab (I know nothing to big, but it was a big deal to me!) We got our membership up to 73 toons, but I know a number of those were alts. Most importantly we have several members in the 50's and 60's now, with a couple of lvl 70's (sadly, I am not one of the 70's) Things are starting to look a little better. In the mix of all that I somehow got made an officer in the guild (I think I bought my way there)

All that said, I have seen some problems and was hoping that someone out there could help. The main problem that I see is the guild doesn't really do too much together. We are a guild in name but not much else. I think one of the problems is timing. I, for example, can only play late at night after I get off work (9 pm pacific time) and there are only one or two people from the guild on. I want to try and organize something to bring the guild together, whether fun and loopy or toon leveling or something... but I am drawing a blank. I feel live I have invested a lot (mainly gold and chatting) into the guild so I don't want to just /gquit, but I am really at a loss.... Anyone?

Edit:________________________ Ok seriously if you skipped reading Triple B's posts on guilds, go back and reaad them... if you still decide to skip them... get tack hammer and beat self in face. GO READ UM because THEY ROCK!


N. E. Miller said...

You see, my guild is always doing things together! LOL. Granted, there are two of us in the guild and our two main alts!

Get your butt up to 70 so we can 3v3, man! Then you'll have plenty of opportunities to do stuff! Miss seeing you online more often, stud!

BigBearButt said...

Well, one thing you didn't mention was coordination. Do you have any way of getting the word out to others about potential runs?

do you have a guild website that has a forum section?

If you do not, there are some free options out there that have all the bells and whistles.

The one my current guild uses is guildportal. I ain't saying they're the best, i'm just saying it's what we're using.

I've found that if you have a place to announce "hey, I'm looking to get a group together to take on x, I can play from 9PM on and maybe the weekend, anyone else interested", you can see some folks that will plan to be on at that time for a run they know will happen.

I hope things work out for your guild!

Vishero said...

Thanks three b... i hadn't thought about that. I will make sure to look into that