Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Great movie... (with a couple of scenes that I could have done without and frankly didn't really add to the movie) but better feeling. Yep, I hit 300 mining over the last couple of days and it feels so nice. However the journey there wasn't so great and I swear that I will never set foot again in those freaking bug holes in Silithus! But all in all, it felt good to get above that mark, but it felt better to get all the gold that I made off that ore. I have been trying to play the market again and see if I can't get up over 500g for my epic ground mount. It has been going pretty well so far and I am holding steady between 300 and 350, but I bought up a bunch of items to try and re-sell over the weekend.

I digress... with my mining above 300 I finally can focus most, if not all, of my attention to Outlands. Not to say that aren't great things to be had back in some of the Azeroth instances, but for personal experience so far I have found that everything in better in Outland. Jeez... kind of sounds like a Texas add.

And on the topic of Texas, I will have to see if I have a priceless picture from my time there. My wife and I went on a cruise for our honeymoon (greatest idea I have ever had!!!) and it left out of Galveston, Texas. We got to spend a day in Houston with my little sister (who lives there with her hubby) and I saw the most classic billboard. I had a picture of a can of "Lone Star" beer and the caption read "Lone Star Beer. The National Beer of Texas." Really? The national beer of the state of Texas, I am confused, because I thought that Texas was a sta….

Again with the digressing... Now that I can focus my time in Outland, and I have grown way tired of BG's, I am hoping that the leveling train is coming into the station! My buddy, Seidhkona hit 70 this week and that motivated me a little more to work on leveling. My only problem has been that I have been playing around with my alts so much, working on their professions. It has been fun, but I think I am ready to branch out my questing options. For the most part I stick to the Stormwind area for beginning quests because a) they are familiar and b)they are pretty easy. But I am getting a little tired of killing Yowler for the umpteenth time and I swear if I have to "investigate" Jasperlode mine one more time I'll...

/take aspirin and put down cricket bat

So I think from here on out I want to level my toons somewhere new. There is so much to in the game that I have never done, and I am not talking about the end game stuff. I mean low level stuff that I have skipped because it was in "Emo Elfland" (as a friend calls Darnassus) but that might be on hold for a while. If I was any good at Photoshop (which I am not, and yes is I am jealous of Phae) I would have a picture of Vish holding his "70 or Bust" sign!

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N. E. Miller said...

Dude, seriously! You need to hit 70 and join us in our n00bish arena adventures! Apparently as an elemental shaman I suck less in 3v3, so I'm anxiously awaiting your arrival! I've also learned that I hate facing druids in PvP almost as much as I hate paladins. At least there are hunters to prey on! But I digress. Next time you're online at the same time as me, send me a tell and we'll crank out some quests!

Finally, on another note, I rolled up a Horde the other day in order to play with a friend I met here. If you're looking for new leveling experiences, that's one place to look! It goes much slower than the familiar Stormwind quests (can we say Princess?), and Undercity is confusing as Hades, but it's a good experience. Especially because I have to level and compete without the assistance of a level 70 sugar daddy! I'm Aglaya in the Spinebreaker realm... look me up! (But only after you hit 70, eh?)

Peace, dude!