Friday, February 15, 2008

Hit me....wait... no I'll stay!

BLACKJACK!!! The blackjack II actually... but wait there is a story behind it!

So you may have read my post about my least favorite holiday... the so called "St. Valentine’s Day" I explained how no one I talked to could tell me why this is even a holiday or we why do what we do this day. (I later read this article which help clear some of this up) That being said, yesterday had the all fixins' of a true soap opera day...

/do deep announcer voice

"This is the Young and the Noobish"

I thought that name only applied to my WoW stories, but apparently it applies to me being married too... who knew? Well the story goes as this. I got my wife her super awesome gift and she had gotten me some really cool stuff too, a new golf bag and a subscription to Men's Health... and no I don't really golf, but I want to get into eventually. Regardless, in the morning I get a call from my boss saying that I need to be to work early, which compounded by the fact I got up late (late night in the BG and leveling my alt hunter) made for a hectic morning. Plus Mrs. Vish was still feeling pretty sick, and wanted to go into town to stay at her parent’s house. So we are running late and I am in a hurry, which apparently is a recipe for disaster. By the time I left her at the in laws house we were both pretty upset with each other... on Valentine's Day of all days.

After several hours of meetings, she still hadn't called me, and like a lost little puppy, I tried to call her every 10 mins or so. Eventually we talked and told one another that we had surprises. I naturally thought this was to make up for the fight. So I race home after work to exchange "surprises" with her... and I was really, really surprised.

I started by telling her that I wanted to take her to one of her favorite (and very expensive) restaurants on Saturday. I had made the reservations at "The Melting Pot" which is a pretty good fondue place. Then she dropped the A-Bomb of effing surprises on me. She had gotten me a new phone!!! (Yeah... the one above) I had been telling her for weeks that I needed a new phone (sense she had inadvertently put mine through the washing machine) but I didn't think we had the money for it. Well she used her two year upgrade to get me this bad A mother. And all of a sudden V-Day is like a second Christmas... even with its highly unknown and slightly sketchy origins.

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