Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Patch 2.4...

/insert preface

This post has little to do with the patch notes on 2.4 because those can be seen on any number of other (imo better) blogs. I wanted to give my take on what I had found out...

/preface off

So I was surfing the blog scene and loved reading Brelaine's posts on the patch notes over at Healer LFG. I highly recommend going through them if you play any sort of mana based class... interesting stuff. That being said I am really excited for the changes that are happening to the druid class, even without fully understanding them! The buff that Lifebloom gets sounds great, and hopefully I will start leveling again and get Lifebloom. The charts/graphs that she has there in regards to intelligence vs spirit are great and helped me to better understand what gear I should look for (yeah...I’m that noobish!) All in all it was really informative and helpful to a casual player such as me, to better understand the game.

This is the real reason I started this post... and I know it may sound cliché but it is totally true. I started this better to better understand how to play my class(es) and to develop my budding writing talent (or lack thereof) I don't plan on posting anything groundbreaking or amazing, but hopefully every once in a while I can manage something funny, maybe a profound thought here and there... here' to dreaming right! But that being said, I know that there are soooo many others out there blogging their hearts away that are much, much better than I. I hope that the 10+ people that have come by this site so far (hey it’s a start!) enjoy their visit and stop back by once in a while. I aim to please, but let’s face it... I couldn't even hit the huge target in Boy Scouts... so don't hold your breath too long.

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