Thursday, February 14, 2008

Healbot + 1 hour = 300k

The last couple of days have been so crazy that it is really hard to keep them straight. First I had to wipe my PC clean and reinstall everything... including WoW. That took some time but wasn't too bad. Then I was out with my wife who was (and still kind of is) sick. I don't mean cold or flu sick... I mean weird body pains and not keeping any food down sick. AND NO... SHE ISN'T PREGNANT, trust me that is what every doctor has asked us (and checked) when we go to see them. So yesterday I got to spend the day with her and we had a good time. (as good as she could have) We watched "Phantom of the Opera" (the newest movie version) and spent some time at home relaxing. Also over those days my computer was on the fritz... and only yesterday was I able to get back to WoW. In the interim I did get to start a new "career mode" career as the manager of Manchester United in FIFA 07...sometimes I miss that game.


Anyways, last night was my first "real" night back to Azeroth. I had gone in earlier to reinstall a few key addons and reconfigure my bars and whatnot... One of the few "new" addons I wanted to try out was Healbot. Reading the addon post from BigButtBear's blog, I read that this was an exceptional addon for healers to, and upon further investigation I found that it was supposed to make healing super easy! I had my doubts, but the first time I went into AV with it all such doubts were crushed...coincidently so was the horde that game! I took some time to reconfigure the skins and make it more usable on my screen and I was dealing out the heals left and right. It made healing so incredibly easy and, dare I say FUN, that I couldn't wait to use it again. Our last game of the night the horde finally caught on and things went slow and eventually turned into a major turtle-fest. An hour later our resources were depleted, but I hade obliterated my previous healing best... a whooping 325k in heals! Oh man it rocked....

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