Wednesday, February 27, 2008

When life gives you lemons...

So we have all heard the saying... "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!" and that is all well and good. But what about when life is just giving you nothing but crap... what do you make then? Now I don't want to come off negative, but sometimes it seems like whenever the words "Well, at least it can't get any worse" escape my lips, the clouds part, the heavens open and I am reminded that it can!

Mrs. Vish has been sick for some time now and a combined 20 yrs. of medical school can't find anything to give us. (assuming that doctors go to 4 yrs. schooling) And ever since Friday life seems to been in a downward spiral.

Friday - Mrs. Vish hydroplanes and spins her car completely around, in the process giving herself a mild concussion. A couple of hours in the ER and things are all better!

Saturday - We both wake up with sore throats and by the end of the day (another trip to urgent care) find out that we both have strep and she has bronchitis.

Sunday - All in all a good day, except for that whole strep/bronchitis thing...

Monday - Mrs. Vish's lady doctor (ob/gyn) calls and informs her that someone is writing fraudulent prescriptions under her name, and there is going to be an investigation into it and if anyone is found guilty (implying that she is) that it is a felony crime...

Skip Tuesday to Wednesday - Had an appointment with a GI doctor (apparently GI doctors are not nearly as cool as GI Joes...) and got to schedule a colonoscopy for Mrs. Vish next month. This all seems bad but the GI at least had some ideas of what may be causing some, if not all of her problems.

All of that being said, things are looking up, well as up as they can be. The antibiotics are working like a charm... like a lvl 70 camping in STV... There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel, even if that light is connected to a medical instrument and the tunnel is... well you know. So I kind of sit back now looking back over it all and thinking to myself... yeah, it sure sucked going through it, but in the long run... um, not too bad. Sure there is still hurdles to jump (not easy for a large fellow such as I) and things to get taken care of, but it isn't that bad... right?

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Haley said...

Thanks for using a lemon picture and not following that "crap" metaphor any further. :-)

Sending healing thoughts Mrs. Vish's way and hopes that the GI Doc gets her a diagnosis.

And what's up with her OB/GYN? Sounds like some weird stuff going on in that office.