Friday, February 22, 2008

Random ramblings for Thursday night...

So I am not sure where any of these came from... I guess things that have just been on my mind today and what not.

- Why is it that Doctors think that they are helping by telling you what you DON'T have? I have never understood that. They look at all of the symptoms then explain what it isn't... really how does that help?

- Demetri Martin is one of the funniest people alive today (if not the funniest) He doesn't even really tell jokes, he just makes me laugh my head off... seriously you need to check him out on YouTube. I suggest "Jokes with guitar" and also his flipchart ones... freaking classic!!

- Why do I feel like such an idiot trying to put on oven mitts... I mean the first one is really easy to get on, but then trying to get the other one on is harder than brain surgery... especially for someone with big fat guy hands.

- Do you think that Blizzard could do something about long freaking flight paths? I mean being a druid is cool because we can teleport to Moonglade, but then to try and fly from there (with the necessary travel to Ruth. Village) to say somewhere like Un'Goro crater is ridiculous. 45 mins later I am ready to start mining...

- Speaking of mining, wtf is the idea behind leveling mining from like 245 to 300? Seriously the first 200 is a cake walk to get, but then there is a huge lull in progression. If the only thing that you can mine to get there is thorium, blizz might want to make it just a bit more accessible. Honestly there were 7 people trying to mine the like 4 thorium nods in Un'Goro last night... give us a break blizz.

- I am glad the writer's strike is over, cause lets face it, if I have to choose "Rock of Love II" and whatever rerun is on then there is really no point to owning a DVR. Can't wait for new episodes of "Chuck" and "The Office" to be back on!

- Cooking is much easier to level as you progress in the game, then to try and go back and level it with a high level character because you finally realize that it IS important and helpful in the game (thank heaven for golden fish sticks)

- Do you think that when we die, there might maybe, just maybe, be a movie about over life? At times I ask myself what kind of movie mine would be... a comedy, a drama, a lame 80's movie? And then I spend more time thinking about songs that we will be on my movie's soundtrack. I think tonight I found the perfect song for my ending scene... you know the one. The one when I am about to die, and I am sharing some profound wisdom with my children/grandchildren, and then it is instant flashback and scene flip through pivotal moments in my life. What scenes will be in that 4 min span as the song plays... maybe times when I lived in Argentina, or perhaps my recent wedding day. Heck, I am only 25 so I bet there are times still to come that will be in the movie montage... but regardless, the song is "All kinds of Time" by Fountains of Wayne. FREAKING ROCKS!!!

Anyways, that is just a few things that I have had on my mind the last little while... thanks for letting me get that out of my mind, the other voices were starting to get jealous of the space those thoughts were taking up....

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N. E. Miller said...

Dude, hang in there on the mining. Life gets much better after 300! And I would take the Crater during the daytime and alternate laps there with laps in neighboring Silithus. I actually managed to jump to 300 in only an hour or two once I started taking that route.

Good luck, dude!