Friday, February 22, 2008

Raid... and not the bug spray

So last weekend I got my first taste of what a raid was like, and worse, it was a complete pug raid. I joined a group that was going to down Ysondre, the wonderful green dragon! I had never even heard of this mob, let alone tried going after her. But I saw they needed healers and wanted to try my hand and see how I could do. Here are some of my observations, but keep in mind... this was a pug group.

Trying to get 20 - 30 people together is a real pain in the butt, especially with the afk-ers.

Some people think that they are so superior in the game because they "have done this a million times." Being on vent only further showed this to be true.

On the flip side, there were more than enough people that really didn't belong in the group to begin with. Yeah there were a couple of people that didn't understand that they were taking over aggro, and they kept wondering why they were dying so fast. But then there were a couple of like lvl 30 and below characters....really? Why are they even there? Pretty sure they aren't really bringing anything to the party.

Organization was the key. We wiped the first time because some moron completely went against everything the raid leader said. Second time, although many died, we were able to down her pretty easily.

Loot sharing between 30 people really sucks, especially when all that drops is mail, plate and cloth items, and when you do roll, you roll a freaking 12!

All that being said, we dropped Ysondre in Darkshire area and then ran up to the portal... ha ha very funny the portal doesn't do anything... yet. i have been reading the rumors that the next expansion (not WotLK, the one after that) could possibly have something to do with the emerald dream. Perfect, this portal may be a dud right now, but I think there is a plan waiting for it. All in all it was a fun experience, but not something I want to do on a regular basis.

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N. E. Miller said...

Based on my experience, PUG is UGH. Generally speaking, of course. Though I'm glad you got some raid experience. I'm still waiting on that day (sigh)...