Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Well it's V-Day again... no not Victory Day, but Valentine's Day. While this "holiday" is not my particular favorite, I am married, and it is a BIG deal to her! Trust me... last year I tried to use logic to get out of it. I asked if anyone could explain to me the reason that we celebrate this day and how the commercial aspect of it fits into the celebration. Guess what, NO ONE COULD. However that didn't stop my then fiancé from getting very, very upset that I didn't take it seriously.

So this is my first V-Day as a married man and I am proud to say that I learned from past mistakes. I got her exactly what she wanted (a new Marc Jacobs necklace) and even got her a furry teddy bear and card to match it. Although the bear is kind of creepy, it had a great "inside joke" between me and my wife, regardless of it level of intense creepiness! So all and all, things are going pretty good for this druid, especially because I bought my first honor reward for AV, just in time for Valentine’s Day. I mean honestly, nothing in all of Azeroth says "Happy Valentine's Day" like a dagger and a bouquet of flowers, right?

Regardless I got the Lei of the Lifegiver last night. I don't quite get it, because I thought a Lei would be a flowery necklace not a bunch of flowers you hold. And on a complete tangent, I was super disappointed when I visited Hawaii! There was a native girl scantily glad giving everyone a lei... wtf? I digress... I got the Lei as an "upgrade" from the Enthralled Sphere I picked up a few weeks ago. I think overall it was an upgrade because of the added healing, but I did drop a bit of mana and life to get it. I have been seeing that a lot lately in the gear I have gotten. I am having to choose more mana for intelligence or choose to get +healing gear, and to tell you all the truth I am not quite sure what is a good balance... any suggestions?

Regardless, I like the look of the flowers or the sphere. I mean every time I get that sphere out I looked like i was holding one of those weird lawn globes. Why do people use them anyways? In my opinion it is a toss up between lawn globes and lawn gnomes which are the more useless/creepy weird yard decoration. We have a couple that we hang out with here that decorated their kitchen with garden gnomes... and the first time I walked in there I about freaked out!


Haley said...

Silly druid, you can't use logic on matters of the heart. But, then, I guess you figured that out. :P

And since Love is in the Air in Azeroth, I'd be very careful walking around as a druid in a dress -- oops, I mean kilt -- carrying a bouquet of flowers. Some orc might get confused and hit on you.

Vishero said...

That reminds me of one of my favorite movie lines from "King Aurther" (the new one with Clive Owen) Lancelot and Guinevere are talking before a fight. Lancelot says "Are you scared? There are lots of lonely men out there..." and she replies "Don't worry... i won't let them rape you."


N. E. Miller said...

I would take the +healing gear almost every time if I were you -- unless the offsetting stats are so great that you can't pass them up. But then again, I'm no kilt-wearing druid!