Friday, February 15, 2008

It's a Bear Market...

And that was not some well thought druid pun... It's a fact!!! So I was on the AH the other day to put a bunch of thick leather on there. While there I found several stacks at (what I felt was) well below price, so I decide to buy them up and resell them. Usually this has worked out quite well for me and I was going to make double profits on everything I bought, or so I thought. I put mine up for the normal price I have been getting for a 20 stack, around 4.5g a stack, and low and behold the market gets flooded with it over night. People are selling at 2g a stack and there was lots at that price... Needless to say I now have over 20 stacks of leather sitting in my bank, hoping for a "bull" market. Just goes to show you why I only managed a "B" in both micro and macro economics!... stupid community college.

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