Saturday, February 9, 2008

Milestone... I think

So last night I broke a personal record in any battle ground... I broke 100k healing!!! I don't know that this is necessarily a good thing that the Alliance needed over 100k in healing during the BG, but I am up to the challenge. This actually was one of the longer BGs that I have done as of late...may have been the longest AV I've ever done! Regardless, I do take some small amount of pleasure that I was able to do this, especially since I just recently changed specs to become a healer. Not bad for someone who has never really done it before!

But even as my pride hat is being worn, I know that there is a big slice of humble pie waiting for me still in the game. (uummm pie...) I have yet to experience any of the big raids in the game, well I guess even the smalls I haven't really gotten to. That is what I love about WoW... there is so much that one can do that the possibilities are endless, or at least seem that way. For example, I just recently joined a small guild on our PvP server. Know I don't know if and when this guild might become a raiding guild, or if we will even get enough members to do so. But if not, I have two buddies that play and we are going to form a 3v3 arena team. And if that didn't pan out I can always just hit the BGs or maybe even try to PUG an instance or two (not the mode of choice I hear) My point is that Wow really does have something to offer no matter what type of gameplay you are looking for. And I haven't even tried an RP server...

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Richard said...

Hey, gratz on the accomplishment!
I recently switched to resto from balance around lvl 68, and remember my first breaking 100,000 as well. about 2 weeks ago actually.
Keep on writing!